Visual Design for Creatives

A collection of past projects that range from Artist to Author to Wildlife Conservation. They have a mix of digital and print deliverables.

Mohan Sundaresan - La Jolla Artist

Mohan’s work is passionate, mystical and rooted in a kind of explosive geometry. Not only that, he’s a pleasure to work with. I helped him create assets for promotion, including his website, mock-ups of his art in interior environments, business cards, labels, catalogs, logo and wrote his bio. 

Sarah Maisel - Jazz Ukulele

Sarah wanted to capture the feel of the golden age of Jazz, whose standards she is a genius at capturing on her tenor ukulele. I helped her with her website, business card, album covers and posters. The album cover for “In the Moment” was a process of presenting design options to Sarah, and then, from her favorite one, working it up to pitch to her producer. By release, we were all happy with the result.

Boyd Nielson - Beautiful Enemy, A Book of Poetry

A stark look at the beauty and destructive power of modern bombers, written in free verse. Boyd wanted something which matched the tone of the poems, but wasn’t too explicit. After many iterations, we decided on just a simple type treatment.

Sassy Livingstone - Romance Novelist

Up and coming Romance Novelist Sassy Livingstone wanted to try some flash fiction videos, and needed a few deliverables for her book launch. While not my usual client, I found exploring the genre conventions quite…uh…bodice busting. 

Saving Wildlife

A passion project of mine is exploring ways design can have an impact on positive human behavior. Wildlife is always in need of our consideration and awareness. What can I design that will bring attention and action against threats to wild environments? The cause, called Life Fights for Life, has a small following now, which I hope to grow larger in the coming years.