Mobilia Gallery

Mobilia Gallery is an international leader in its field of fine craft art and studio jewelry. I’ve helped design for & promote over two-hundred exhibits at the gallery, including trade shows and conferences. All of these involved extensive work with artists, clients, collectors, museums, galleries and other institutions on the regional, national and international levels.

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Digital & Web Design, or How to Bake a Website from Scratch

The gallery needed a website refresh. I started from scratch, focusing on clear, clean design with larger text to cater to the older clientele, color to orient viewers and a conscious effort to put the emphasis on the artists and their art. In addition, I took it mobile with responsive design via Bootstrap and WordPress. The backend is also crafted to be user friendly when it comes to updating the content. Anyone at the gallery can update the site without worrying about breaking something. The site (and emails) use headers to bring fresh design to the ongoing new work.

Email Marketing, or How to Hang On by Going Vertical

Extreme vertical design. This unique format bucks tradition. We send out a long newsletter that captures the feeling of walking through the gallery and finding new treasures along the way. Though unconventional, the gallery gets responses above the industry average.

Shinkansen, or How to Fold a Bullet Train

Shinkansen, aka The Japanese Bullet Train, was a collaborative project between the Gallery, Asagi Maeda, Modern Postcard, and myself to create a fun small ‘catalog’ Asagi’s new exhibit.  The challenge was designing a folding card that would be a nice gift for those attending the opening and that helped accentuate the uniqueness of Asagi’s work. There was a very short time frame, and many unknown factors, the major one being whether Modern Postcard could print a card so long and thin, and score it for folding. With the artist coming in from Japan for the opening, there was very little room for error. I knew the key would be clarity.  I worked closely with Modern Postcard to ensure the correct fold marks and that we were within technical limits. Even they were impressed with what they could pull off! By the opening reception the gallery had the cards in hand, wowing artist and gallery attendees alike.

Print, or How I Found My First Love

For my early years at the gallery, we promoted primarily in print. Cards, magazine ads, catalogs. Print provides unique challenges, and a commitment to details. Simply put, I love working in it. The physical object that’s produced gives everyone a sense of pride.